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Harvest is a restaurant that belongs to Trademark Hotel and Trademark Hotel is then owned by Tribe Hotel (Intellectual property as they call it). When you make your way to the Village Market in the newly built wing. The decor at Harvest is great and the lighting is amazing if you decide to go for a dinner. The Lamb shoulder confit was really good with lamb jus, smoked potatoe puree and marsala wine glazed carrots. The ambience was good even for a slow – end of month- weekday and the big glass walls make for an amazing view of the surrounding areas. The only disappointment at this venue was the upselling by one waiter. We cannot assume that all the waiters have the same approach but this gentleman did not seem genuine and the highest sale possible seemed to be agenda. After we made our order of food we thought of a bottle of wine and could not decide whether red or white. The prices were certainly above restaurants like Artcaffe and Monikos. We felt the wine could have been a great accompaniment but… The gripe here is that when the waiter was asked about the selection of wines, the […]
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Hi Folks, Nairobi Restaurant Week came and went. I was able to sample the dinner menu at one of my favorite restaurants Caramel. A passion cocktail that was part of the menu. A Russian Salad, it looked questionable but it was very delicious. The Creamy Mushroom soup was also part of the starter pack and again it was good. On the evening I felt that beef tenderloin was in order and it was fairly delicious. The taste of your tenderloin would depend on the level of grilling you would like; medium rare, medium , medium well and well done. Please do not mistake ordering medium rare when you meant medium well. I certainly saw new restaurants this year of 2017 but I would like some locations like Newscafe to put more effort and creativity into their menu because I opted to have the main menu than their NRW menu. Advice to Newscafe is to not be part of a food promotion if you are not planning to give value to foodies. Until next time, remember to keep your stomach happy 
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I have had a few rants that have accumulated during my foodie adventures that I feel need to be mentioned.   For an Etiquette Guide while visiting a restaurant you might want to read Sheila’s post, a Lifestyle Blogger.   I have a problem with some high-end restaurants and hotels, who invest heavily in great décor, prime locations and architecture but hire the worst if not detrimental staff to run these businesses.   Most folk, if not all, have gone to places like Java and other local food chains and can tell which one is best and which one to stay away from, based on their own experiences.   In countries abroad, food and beverage businesses have high standards of training for their personnel, so that regardless of which city or town you visit, you are guaranteed to get the same quality of service.   There is a cancer in the service industry where you find waiters/waitresses giving significantly better service to foreigners than locals. I get the impression that they believe foreigners tip better but forget that if you do not get a tip from a local, chances are it’s because your service was appalling or the bill had the […]
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If you are looking for a place to take a day trip for lunch. We recommend Sunbird Lodge it is off the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. Sunbird lodge has a stunning view of Lake Elementaita. Their menu is not robust but they really do try and the serenity of the environment, the pricing plus the service makes up for it. The butternut soup is really good and has rich flavor. Beef kebab (skewers) with rice as the main. Ended off the lunch with an Ice-cream sundae for dessert. Sunbird is worth the drive (about 2 hours drive) out of Nairobi if you are looking for a place that is peaceful with an amazing view. Until Next time, remember to keep your stomach happy.  
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Dari; well it is a great and serene place that we love to indulge in. Fair pricing and good service are our highlights of the place as well as the tantalizing food. Dari is located off Ngong Rd as you head towards Karen Shopping Centre. Please carry something really warm as this location gets really cold in the evening. When you enter the restaurant you will notice nice and simple decor then “Impalas”. We do not know how but we appreciate the Impalas that you get to see as you enjoy your meal The odd Peacock as well.  On this day my friend and I had a lovely juicy steak again the specifics we do not recall but here are the pictures. You should really try the steak: it is massive,size does matter. Next was the burger. Later we had some dessert after the food settled in.  What I can say is that the appetites were big and soon after some good conversation, face palm, we ordered some samosas. I suggest you give Dari a look and let me know how your experience went. I am certain it will be a good time. Please keep in mind the time frame when I […]
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Marula Mercantile

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Marula Mercantile is located in a quiet neighbourhood specifically Karen, off Marula Lane. At the time of the post it was a weekday and there was dreadful weather so it was empty though we were told that on the weekend it is usually buzzing with people please me mindful of that. The establishment also gets booked privately for functions and then it becomes inaccessible to the public. The decor is simple nothing fancy but portrays  the traditional minimalist theme. Now for the food. The food is great and they do not take long to prepare. While you wait they bring some Masala Sticks  my colleague and I wondered if they were home made. After the Masala Sticks our order came some grilled chicken with baby potatoes (no joking on the baby part)and Steak with some baked potatoes. The food was delicious and the cocktails were value for money but don’t take my word for it have a try and kindly share your feedback. The service was decent and mindful.    
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Not many people at the time of this post know of a snazzy restaurant called Kilele it is on Rahpta Road ( adjacent to Vineyard, party folk would know) within the Tune Hotel building ( now Ibis Styles Hotel – 2017). You can access the restaurant through the elevator or stairway (but that’s about 11 floors up). Once you enter the elevator press “R” to go to the rooftop and that’s where you will find Kilele. Kilele has great aesthetics and its a lovely place to have a drink while enjoying the view of the cityscape. We were hungry so we did not take photos of the establishment but we certainly had some pictures of our meals. Their burger was tasty, it seemed like home ground mince with spices in it though from the picture it looks like a veggie burger but we assure you there is a big chunk of patty underneath. Next was the chicken strips or chicken fingers but we seem to forgot what the order was but here is a picture. Give Kilele a visit and we would appreciate your feedback of your experience there. Till Next time, remember to keep your stomach happy.  
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A ‘Tribe’

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A beautiful structure with nice decor. Jiko Restaurant is located at Tribe Hotel at Village Market beyond the parking as after you get screened by security So we must say we were not pleased with what we read on the menu versus what we expected. The meat was a small portion the size of the potato and unless you are on a diet we would not recommend this.Presentation was great but oh my service was terrible at the time of this post Have a try at Jiko and let us know how it was, especially the service. Till next time remember to keep your stomach happy.
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