About Daniel-Kihonge

Since a young age of thirteen Daniel has been blessed to live a life on the move from one country to the next. Daniel has spent over 16 years living between Botswana, South Africa and Canada.
Daniel is an Aviation Brand Manager by experience. Professional Photographer, Travel Consultant, Copywriter, SEO Analyst and Web Designer/Developer.
Daniel uses his set of skills to provide value in a transparent and measurable package.  Daniel looks to establish authentic client relationships within Africa and beyond.
Daniel does personalised photography training if you are interested in joining (wechat: lavishscript) and his students have become better than the teacher. 
Daniel's photography works have been used by various aviation companies plus featured in Samsungs East Africa promotions and SA Flyer : A South African aviation catalogue that is distributed across Africa. 
Feel free to contact or connect with Daniel via Wechat ID : lavishscript or the available contacts on the website. 
Have yourself a great day and week ahead.